Participar en la 11° Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura Identidades, del 10 al 17 de septiembre de 2017, se convirtió para el Tecnológico de Antioquia en una experiencia maravillosa con el lanzamiento de su Sello Editorial PUBLICAR-T constituido en julio de 2016, hace más de un año.

Diferentes públicos amantes de la lectura, se sintieron atraídos por el conocimiento que guardaban los libros y revistas expuestos en el stand del TdeA donde de manera desprevenida ojearon los textos, se acercaron con detenimiento para leer su tema de interés motivados por ejemplares como “Botánica de Angiospermas”, “Delitos Contra la Administración Pública”, “Herramientas Metodológicas para Emprendedores”, “Pedagogía para la Paz”; “Revista Tecnológico de Antioquia”, "Revista Cuaderno Activa” de la Facultad de Ingeniería, Revista En Contexto de la Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas y Económicas y producciones digitales como: “Una Mirada a la Diversidad”, “El Derecho a la Educación en la 1º Infancia” y “La Identidad en la Educación Inicial”, entre otros contenidos que cobraron vida entre el público visitante.


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TdeA’s Publishing Seal at the Book and Culture Festival of Medellin 2017

Participating in the 11th Book and Culture Festival Identities, from September 10 to 17, 2017, was for the Tecnológico de Antioquia a wonderful experience with the launch of its “PUBLICAR-T” Publishing Seal created in July 2016, more than a year ago.

Different reading public lovers were attracted by the knowledge kept ny the books and magazines exhibited in TdeA’s booth. Visitors unknowingly scanned the texts, approached carefully to read their subject of interest motivated by copies as "Botany of Angiosperms,","Crimes Against Public Administration," "Methodological Tools for Entrepreneurs," "Pedagogy for Peace," "Revista Tecnológico de Antioquia," "Cuaderno Activa Magazine" of the school of Engineering, “En Contexto” journal of the School of Administrative and Economic Sciences. There were also digital productions such as: "A Look at Diversity," "The Right to Education in early Childhood," and “Identity in early Education," among other contents that came to life among visitors.

Having a space within the Book Fair became the opportunity to consolidate an institutional knowledge that gains strength in each of the written pages, evidenced in the publications that for a long time have been brewing within the TdeA by people like president Lorenzo Portocarrero Sierra, always ready to promote and publicize the contributions of this Alma Mater throughout its historical, economic, social, environmental and humanistic trajectory in the face of the integral development of present and future generations.

As Ana María Lotero, coordinator of the TdeA Publishing Seal, expressed it, it was of vital importance communicating these publications, making the Institution and its academic programs well marketed, as well as the establishment of fundamental contacts for the Seal, for the commercialization of the publications, the co-edition with other publishers, the exhibition in libraries and bookshops nationally and internationally.

"After this exercise of the Fair, we could realize that the people, the other universities, other publishers, and bookstores, are very interested in acquiring the publications of our Seal. I consider that establishing a physical library it can be a project in which in its first stage there is a virtual sales catalogue, simultaneously distributing books as deposit in different publishers and libraries that are interested and actively continue participating in this great city event," said Lotero.

Participation in the Medellin Book and Culture Festival was an enriching exercise from every point of view. Thanks to the quality of the publications, a window of opportunities that perpetuate and encourage writing, research, and writing of articles that stimulate knowledge, reflection, and the development of texts was opened. Both local and regional issues are developed for medium and long term perspectives. Also national and international topics have a place in a production that contributes to the different population groups, the resolution of problems and the proposal of solutions in all areas of society.

Ii is a great time for TdeA and its Editorial Seal PUBLICAR-T, an important leap towards the growth of higher education in Antioquia with rigorous quality standards.